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MommyVibe Large Leather Diaper Bag

MommyVibe Large Leather Diaper Bag

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Looking for a stylish way to carry all of your baby's essentials? Look no further than MommyVibe's Large Single & Double Shoulder Leather Diaper Bag! Crafted from rich, ultrasoft Pu Leather, this luxurious yet practical bag offers an impressive 36-55L capacity, ensuring that you'll have everything you need for your next family outing. And with its clever Easy Travel Stroller Attachment, this bag is the perfect companion for any adventure.

Key Features:

  1. Made from high-quality Pu Leather for a luxurious look and feel: Crafted from premium Pu Leather, this diaper bag offers a sophisticated and stylish appearance. The soft and supple material adds a touch of luxury while ensuring durability and easy maintenance.
  2. Offers a spacious 36-55L capacity, providing ample room for all of your baby's essentials: With its generous capacity, this diaper bag can comfortably hold diapers, wipes, bottles, extra clothes, toys, and more. You'll have more than enough space to carry everything your baby needs for a day out.
  3. Features an Easy Travel Stroller Attachment, making it easy to bring your diaper bag with you on the go: The innovative Easy Travel Stroller Attachment allows you to securely attach the diaper bag to your stroller, keeping your hands free and eliminating the need to carry it separately. It's convenient, practical, and ensures easy access to your essentials while strolling.
  4. Multiple pockets and compartments help keep your belongings organized and easy to access: This diaper bag is designed with the busy parent in mind. It features various pockets and compartments, including interior and exterior pockets, a dedicated bottle holder, and a separate compartment for wet items. This organization system ensures that everything has its place, making it easy to find what you need quickly.
  5. Comes with essential accessories: The MommyVibe Large Single & Double Shoulder Leather Diaper Bag includes two stroller hooks for added convenience, allowing you to hang the bag securely on your stroller. It also comes with a diaper pad for easy diaper changes on the go, a cosmetic bag for mom's essentials, and a thermal bag to keep your baby's bottles warm or cool.

Upgrade your parenting game with MommyVibe's Large Single & Double Shoulder Leather Diaper Bag – the perfect blend of style and function for busy parents on the go!

Get your MommyVibe Large Single & Double Shoulder Leather Diaper Bag today and experience the perfect combination of style, functionality, and convenience. Shop now and make parenting a breeze!


  • Strap Root Number: Double Root
  • Capacity: 36-55L
  • Material: Pu Leather
  • Style: Leisure
  • Carrying Parts: Soft Handle
  • Bags Trend Style: Backpack
  • Lining Texture: Polyester

Packing list:

  • Includes two stroller hooks, a diaper pad, a cosmetic bag, and a thermal bag.

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